iDesign Wedding Videography

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  • How much of the day are you available to video?

I am available for the complete day - there are no time limits. I would normally start filming preparations about 2 hours before the ceremony (depending on the distance to the ceremony venue if preparations are at a different place), then complete filming after the First Dance once I know I have filmed all the evening guests. However, I am flexible and if other activities are going on, I will film them also. My priority is to get you the best video of your day as I can


  • Should we give you any food?

I do not expect any food; I normally sort out my own meals and refreshments...saying that, it is always nice when food is provided so I don't have to worry about it


  • How do we pay?

BACS (Bank transfer - details will be emailed to you), PayPal or debit/credit card (via this web site, see bottom of first page). Details of payment will be given within the initial booking email


  • How many people will be filming?

I normally work on my own, but can at extra cost provide another videographer. I am a full time experienced Broadcast Cameraman and so know how to get all the shots I need. At some points I use up to 4 HD cameras located in different places to catch all the action. My equipment is professional and expensive, but more than that, I know how to use it properly


  • Can I choose my own music?

Music is put on the highlights video, but not the full days video. The Information-Request-Form includes a section for entering your music requests - I would suggest one of the pieces of music you choose is the music of the first dance, but it is up to you


  • Do you have all the correct copyright licenses for any music used or recorded?

Yes, I do have the correct music licenses in place. For every video I produced I have a Limited Manufacture & PPL License which covers the recorded music that is used in the final film, including any music recorded in the church or played by musicians during the day or played in a disco type environment. This is all included in the price


  • Who owns the copyrights to the filming of our wedding?

Once final payment has been made, you will own the copyright to the videos of your wedding. However, I do retain the rights to use recordings taken at your wedding for the promotion of iDesign Wedding Videography, but I cannot gain a profit from it. Your Highlights video will be put on my website for others to see, unless you request for me not to do this


  • Do I need a video filming licence?

Some venues, mainly Churches, require you to purchase a video licence before you can film within the premises. This is by their discretion for the privileged of you filming their nice building and the costs incurred by them for this to happen. To view the recommendations given to Vicars and clergy at see the Church of England Churches website. It is your responsibility to advise the venue that a videographer will be present, and also to pay any associated fees


  • What kind of equipment do you use?

Everything I use is professional equipment. I use up to 4 cameras at the ceremony, radio mics, a rifle mic etc. My main cameras include a Sony 6500 and I also use GoPro cameras. My edit suite uses the latest edition of Da vinci Resolve software


  • Why receive videos on a USB memory stick?

More and more people are viewing videos from a computer rather than a DVD player. The USB stick will contain the Highlights Video and the other video sequences. The videos are in .mpg format, so most computers will be able to view them, and can be plugged into smart TVs. You will also then be able to edit and copy the videos. I would suggest, as soon as you receive the USB memory stick, that you copy the videos to the hard drive memory of your computer; as a back-up. But you can also use the memory stick for use on other occasions


  • What video format do you record in?

I record onto memory cards in widescreen high definition (1080p50, HD), PAL format. Other formats can be used on request but may incur an extra charge


  • Do you use extra lighting?

No I don't - however, the better the lighting, the better the quality of the video picture. I do have video lights I use for commercial filming etc., but feel that to bringing extra lighting to a wedding would distract from what is happening and change the natural atmosphere. Also, as soon as I put a video light on the top of my camera, people know that I'm filming them and are self conscious and embarrassed. The upturn of this, is that some small portions of the final video might be 'grainy', a sort of black snow in darker patches - this occurs as the camera is trying to lighten a dark room or disco floor


  • Should we ignore you on the day?

It's up to you. I appreciate that on your wedding day, with all your friends around, the last thing you want is to be bothered by the videographer, so I try and 'melt into the background' as much as possible and just film the action as it happens naturally. That said, it is lovely when people acknowledge the camera and wave or say 'hello' as it really gives your video that personal touch. Please forgive me, but after introductions, I probably won't talk to you for the rest of the day - this isn't because I'm not sociable, but during filming if I talk it would be on your video


  • Do you move around during the ceremony?

I would normally set up my video tripod on the right hand side - as you look towards the front of the ceremony room. The other cameras I use would be fixed in other places in the room for me to edit and cut shots from different angles. It is also normal for the videographer to have a chat to the Registrar before hand, they normally ask us not to move around during the ceremony...up until after the signing of the register


  • Do you travel?

Yes, I will travel to any wedding. However, any distance outside the West Midlands (within the West Midlands is covered free) will incur a mileage charge, but at a reasonable rate - 40p/mile. Please contact me for destination wedding video coverage


  • How long will it take for my completed media to be finished?

I aim to have your wedding DVD/Blu Ray/USB delivered to you within 3-4 weeks of your wedding day. The Wedding highlight video will be completed first and posted on Vimeo for you to view. This shorter version can be edited twice; on approval, the final media is then produced. Quite often it is quicker than this and I will let you know as soon as it is ready


  • What happens if we need extra copies of the final DVD/Blu-ray/USB stick?

Extra copies are available - see 'Package' page for details