iDesign Wedding Videography

Have you considered having your wedding ceremony Live Streamed...with the Corona Virus and all it's implications, guests may not manage to attend or for safety reasons they might have to stay away. Live Streaming your Wedding Ceremony, with the possibility of also speaking personally to those viewing, may be your answer for all your friends and family to be a part of your big day


I am experienced in Live Stream technology and have Live Streamed hundreds and hundreds of events over the past few years.  A web page is setup for you beforehand, so people can make sure they are 'tuned in' and then on your big day, your Wedding Ceremony can be Live on that page


  • A personalised website link is set-up beforehand

  • You will be able to share the web address with friends and relatives

  • People with the link can watch on any internet accessible computer/mobile device etc

  • People from around the world can view, if they have the link

  • Subject to reasonable internet access/mobile data coverage at venue

  • One camera with a variety of microphones to catch everything said

  • After the ceremony, you have the chance to give a personal message to those viewing